What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum

What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum

What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum

Hello Books Lovers and welcome to the first day of the Review party dedicated to “The imperfect theory of love” by Julie Buxbaum.

This book in a single sentence? A hymn to love, acceptance and friendship even when there are differences that in reality should not even be taken into account.

I anticipate you already that I will speak only good of this book 🙂 you can not even imagine how much I have loved it. The story between David and Kit seemed so realistic to me that I devoured this book, ending up reading even during the later hours of the night like it had never happened to me.

Let’s talk about the author’s writing method. Read in unimaginable ways. It seemed as if a friend was telling me an interesting story, I did not seem to be reading a book of 400 pages. It was as if everything had been perfectly balanced. The right details at the right times. The right jokes to say. The right characters to present during scenes that would need that extra hint if it were not all perfectly perfect (I do not even think we can say, but for this review, for this review, I feel compelled to make an exception.)

Not to mention the characters. Julie Buxbaum is mind blowing. The characters seem almost real, as if stretching out a hand can be touched. As I read I could literally put them on my head as if it were a scene seen with my own eyes.

I was satisfied by the whole story, especially by the way David himself told of his autism, condescending what he was diagnosed, but eager to try to change and look more like his classmates to look like a normal person , even if in my opinion he did not need it at all, and Kit, the other protagonist, thought like me. Maybe from the end I would have expected a little more given the pace of the rest of the book, but I was not disappointed, in fact I liked it too.

As mentioned before I talked only about this book and I hope you just need to add it to your TBR. Read it because this book has officially become part of my Top 10.

Switch from the other blogs to see what they thought of this book. Mine is a subjective judgment;)

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