The Huntress: Sea by Sarah Driver

The Huntress: Sea by Sarah Driver

The Huntress: Sea by Sarah Driver

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Today I bring you the review of a book published by Rizzoli. Sea by Sarah Driver. This book should be a children’s book but I want to recommend it to everyone because in my opinion, despite being a 100% fantasy, it addresses a theme that I consider very important, the theme of the family. I saw it as a book that has a teaching behind it, to love the family and keep its members close to ourselves, because anything can happen that might take them away from us.

If you follow my reviews you should have seen that lately many of the books I read treat these kinds of themes, but I think it is good to read them because other than make me think, they make me grow. I learned that I should not read a book just for the story, which sometimes you can’t even follow thoroughly, but we readers should try to grasp the sense of what we read, whether its fantasy, romance, thriller … every story has a moral and the most beautiful part would be to be able to identify and understand it.

But now let me tell you a little more about this book 🙂

The protagonist of this adventure is Mouse, niece of the captain of the Huntress, and future captain herself. Mouse adores her life on board the ship with its crew, her brother Sparrow and her grandmother. Everything changes, however, when Stag arrives on board instead of her father. She doesn’t like him from the beginning, but no one is on her side.

Soon everyone will understand that Stag is not one to trust and they will understand it at their expense, because he will take possession of the ship, imprison the crew that will turn against him, sell Sparrow and do other things that will upset the peaceful and carefree life of Mouse. But she does not give up, because she has to find her brother and follow the clues that somehow her father sent her.

But Mouse doesn’t get one right, because she always ends up trusting the wrong people, until Crow, the one who saves her for money, gets kicked out of where he lived and then decides to really help her find her brother, and let’s say that at the end of this first book of the trilogy there is a small happy ending, although I look forward to the publication of the other two volumes by Rizzoli!

So what do you think? Will you read it? I recommend it …

The Huntress: Sea by Sarah Driver

The Huntress: Sea by Sarah DriverThe Huntress: Sea by Sarah Driver

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