Strange the dreamer by Laini Taylor

Strange the dreamer by Laini Taylor

Strange the dreamer by Laini Taylor

Strange the dreamer by Laini Taylor in one sentence: A breath of fresh air in these hot summer days.

An amazing world-builder, Laini makes us dream in ways never explored before. She has such a fascinating method of writing that even if the book is big, we don’t notice it until we have devoured it.

I have to admit, this book had highs and lows for me, although when I read I had to pull away from the pages because I had other commitments, not because i wanted to. But in the end it managed to leave me amazed and let me exclaim, because of the overwhelming ending: “Where the hell is the sequel ?!”

The muse of nightmare, sequel to Strange the dreamer, is not even out yet in the original language, so even if I wanted I couldn’t read it in English 🙁

Lazlo Strange is a dreamer, just like us readers. I don’t know how but Laini’s ability to leave the reader to each chapter without giving clues to what will happen next is mind-blowing. I assure you that I was not expecting a final like that, and if you read, or have already read the book, you can understand the emotions I’m experiencing right now.

The best part in the novel? The short chapters, my favorites, which make reading a lot easier. And the third person helps us to follow the actions of all the characters without getting confused.

As in all the books that are respected, however, there is always that obnoxious character that we can not stand. In my case the character that I liked least until the end is Thyon Nero. Oh my my, I can not stand him. The prince who feels best of all! Despite everything – he is unbearable – Lazlo helps him more than once in his discoveries, and he always assumes incorrect attitudes towards Lazlo.

Lazlo Strange has lived all his life doing research on the forgotten city of Weep. Weep has always been his obsession. When Thyon gets his books, his researches, he can not understand why that wickedness, but when Tizerkane, the Soldiers of Weep, arrive at Zosma, in his library, everything changes.

He had believed for years that they no longer existed, and instead there they were in front of him, and thanks to his research he was the only one who could speak their language. Gathering all his courage, he asks Eril-Fane if he can go with them, so he embarks on the journey that will literally change his life.

Weep is dominated by a seraph of Mesarthium, a metal that only gods could control, and the task of all those who Eril-Fane brought with him is to move it, to return the sky to Weep, covered by the wings of the seraphim.

Everyone has a task, but there are many things that Lazlo, Tizerkane and everyone else will discover that it will change everything.

To truly understand the story, however, this book must be read. Although sometimes the chapters, the story, may turn out to be a bit slow in the narrative, at the beginning or in the middle of the book, one must come to the end to truly understand the grandeur of this purely fantasy story. In the end, every mystery will be revealed, and I just can not imagine what the author will write in Muse of nightmares. It will be a book to be discovered.

Strange the dreamer by Laini Taylor

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Strange the dreamer by Laini Taylor

Strange the dreamer by Laini Taylor

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