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Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

Okay, the first thing I have to say about Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart, with my throat closed, tears in my eyes and an infinite anguish is: “please Tracy publish  immediately the sequel, because I can’t wait anymore!”

I saw this book too short. The story has been addictive to the maximum. I would say that Grace and Fury is one of those few books that struck me the most this year.

The themes addressed in this book are significant, current, and it was precisely thanks to those themes that I devoured this book in two days. Women should have the same rights as men, and in this book, in a society where women can not read, can not work, can not even cut their hair unless a man tells them to – they can hardly think with their head – soon Nomi and Serina will understand that those constraints, those submissions, have not always been there, but they were imposed when men understood the true potential of women, when they began to be afraid of them because they were intelligent, tenacious and combative.

Nomi and Serina are very different. Serina: the girl who follows the rules, who has spent her entire life studying to become Grace of the heir, who has always been taught to submit. Nomi: she has always been a rebel, forced her twin brother to teach her to read despite being forbidden and the punishment was to be whipped or worse.

They both go to the palace, Serina to become Grace, Nomi to be her sister’s maid, but soon their roles are turned upside down, and so is their lives themselves.

The heir Malachi chooses Nomi and not Serina. But it does not end here. Serina is caught with a book in her hand and is removed from the emperor, sent to an island where criminals women are sent. Nomi does not know what to do, she does not want to be a Grace, she has not studied for that and her rebellious soul is not meant to be submissive.

Serina on the island and Nomi at the palace. But both of their lives have a common thread, both must learn to survive in environments they do not know, and nothing is as it seems. Both have a task …

… And I hope that in the second book their story will go the right way. I literally devoured this story, I could not do anything but read and get to the shocking conclusion that – probably because of all the books I read – I imagined it would have happen after some information revealed some chapters before, but I was hoping with all my heart they would have avoided it. I hoped even more when Nomi ruined the plans of a certain person she trusted, but in the end a character whom I started to care about from more than half book to the end, and I absolutely, absolutely must know what will happen. At this desperate time I would also accept spoilers from the author :(.

I really hope I have made you understand the meaning of this book. Because well amalgamated to fantasy there is another story of greater impact that I do not think anyone can avoid while reading. A story that all women will appreciate, because we are not objects, we have a mind to think and rights to defend, and no one should tell us what to do or what to think!

I can’t do much with a review, but if there’s one thing I have to do it is to express my judgment as it should be. We should all have the same rights because women are not inferior to men, on the contrary… And now more than ever we should show how much we value, without making us submit.

If there was one thing I really wanted to talk about in this review it was this, and although I may have gone too far, I hope I have taken the mark, and I really hope you have come to the end and you have read everything because I care much to the issue of gender equality, and if there is one thing that I will ever fight in my life, those are my ideals.

Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

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Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

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