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The Fandom by Anna Day

Fandom by Anna Day

The Fandom by Anna Day

Hello everyone,

Despite the late hour I managed to find some time to write and publish Anna Day’s The Fandom review.

This book was spectacular. It made me feel as if I wanted to take the lead, and many other times made me reflect on the fact that what you want can be really dangerous. Think about entering your favorite story and find yourself forced to face all the good and bad things that the protagonists face.

The Fandom is a book that really reflects what we experience as Fangirls (or Fanboys, if they are not just a myth) when we read something and identify within it. We dream with it, we suffer with it, and many times we scream against the protagonists for the wrong choices they take, which I used to do every time Violet, the protagonist, did her own thing or could not understand what was happening, something that maybe the reader had already understood, especially at the end.

But it was a fantastic story full of love, pain, manipulation, deception and more.




The story is about these guys who went to the ComiCon to meet the actors of their favorite book and movie. But here the absurd happens. During the meeting a beam falls and the four of them are catapulted into a world totally different from their own, the Fandom world of the Gallows Dance. Here they are initially forced to flee for not being killed, and then they must try to settle in order not to arouse suspicion. The problem is that they killed Rose, the main protagonist, so now it’s up to them, somehow, to complete the story, to go home.

This implies taking Rose’s place, but nothing goes as they had thought. Violet tries, but can not be her. She should make Willow, a Gem, a genetically modified human, fall in love with her but every time she fails to follow the script she knows perfectly, and that little change causes other changes in the plot of the story. When Alice, her best friend, betrays her because she wants to be with Willow, whom she has always been in love with, and wants to stay forever in the Gem world, even if it means her friends will have a miserable life, change everything .

The plot is absolutely going out of place, even if sometimes it tries to fix itself. Violet ends up falling in love with Ash, who in the real story was only a secondary character. There is a revolt. They are captured, and Violet hanged.

It turns out in the end that this appearance of them in this world had been designed by the Gems, because they wanted someone to write a sequel about them, being trapped in a loop. They also killed the real author because she did not want to give him the sequel they wanted, so they attracted Alice, a well-known writer of Fanfictions, with the intent to make her write it, even though when they return to their world they will not remember anything.

In the end, after waking up from the coma in which they were, they write a four-handed sequel, but not on the victory of the Gems, but on that of the Imps.

The Fandom by Anna Day

A review a bit long, but this book deserves it all. The only flaw that there was, which I think prevents reading to children, was the presence of too many bad words and vulgar words by all the characters, but if you exclude those, I would read the book very willingly.

P.S. Ash is too cute: P

To the next time,


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