Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin Review


Blood for Blood, second and last chapter of this spectacular duology of Ryan Graudin started with Wolf by Wolf.

In the drawing of the two volumes, the author is based on the question: and if …? Thus elaborating an alternative end to the events of World War II. It’s just a fantastic story, but the characters and stories look so real, as if they really existed.

Yael killed the Fuhrer, but he was not the real one, he was just a dude with the ability to change his face as Yael. Now she is fleeing, and along with her join, during the journey, before Luka, that is also searched by the army, and after Felix, who actually follows her to find out the position of resistance because he made a deal with the National Socialists. He thinks they hostage their parents and do everything to protect his family.

Their trip to Germany was more longer than they have planned. After being captured, and being able to escape, they parachuted down in Siberia from a flying airplane, where the Russian troops find them and recognize them.

They want to kill them, but the arrival of an unexpected host stops them, saving the lives of Yael, Luka and Felix. The host in question is Yael’s third Wolf, Miriam. After she escaped from the camps her roommate and friend, Miriam, had been taken, and, on her own skin, were conducted the same experiments of Yael. She too could change her face, and after she had fled from the camps she’d found shelter among the Russians.

Miriam does not trust any of the two guys, but trusts her old friend, so she convinces herself to bring them back to Germany.

There, however, once they reached the Resistance, someone betrayed them, Felix. After he finds his sister he calls the soldiers, who attack them and do not let them escape, not even him.

Yael and Luka are able to escape the attack.

Their goal now is to spread the news of the existence of concentration camps that nobody is aware of. During this they find another thing nobody would ever expect. Although Hitler had decided not to be seen in public, everyone believed he was alive, but he died when Yael’s fourth wolf had killed him publicly in the square with three bullets in his chest. To command all, even the skinshifter, after Hitler’s death, had been one of the army commanders.

This is one of the things the people need to know, but in order to spread this news many military, including the skinshifters and one of our beloved protagonists die.

Despite this, Yael does not give up and spread all over the world the truth that has always been denied to them, making them enter in the history books for saving the world.

An end full od adrenaline, full of suspense, sad, overwhelming, amazing for a duology that should stay in history. A well-written saga with characters to love, hate, cry and laugh, and suffer with. Two books that will remain forever in the hearts of their readers.

Blood for Blood, a book that should have an infinite number of pages and not just 500.

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