Armada by Ernest Cline

Armada by Ernest Cline

Armada by Ernest Cline

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Today I will talk about Armada by Ernest Cline, bestseller author of Ready Player One, which came out a few years ago.

If for Ready Player One I had some doubts at the beginning, with Armada it was love at first sight. The writing is totally different from the one I had found in the first pages of RPO. Cline managed to get me into the heart of the story from the very first pages.

I must admit that I think he dared combining science fiction and technology by projecting everything into the real world. In RPO everything was in the videogame, here everything is real, but this venture gave a new note to the story without exaggeration. The narration in the first person is well done because it makes us better enter the head of the protagonist Zack making us follow each scene best.

Zack is a videogame fan as his father had been before he died, and also his mother when she was his age. Sometimes she also play with him. He works in a video game store and claims to have the best boss in the world, because when something new comes in the shop, they try it in the shop, at work during working hours.

But very soon his life will be distorted, when after one of the rare missions that he took part on Armada, the video game where his position was sixth in the world, he discovers a much larger world. The next day he is recruited by the EDA, Earth Defense Alliance, a government association to defend the earth from the alien invasion, because the aliens exist and they want to attack the earth and destroy it.

Zack is recruited for his skill, and because Armada is actually a simulator that the EDA uses to find the best in the world that can really protect the earth, because the invasion is near. 40 years earlier, the EDA has wronged the inhabitants of Europe, the satellite of Saturn and now they are about to attack. The task of the recruits is to sit in their position and do what they have always done better, to play, even if in this reality human lives are in danger.

A beautiful Sci-fi that certainly will not disappoint video game enthusiasts or Sci-fi fans. (Remaining on the subject Armada made me want to play with the PS4 again, hoping that my games are not simulators of the EDA xD)

Let me know what you think of Ernest Cline, or this books.

Armada by Ernest Cline

Armada by Ernest Cline



Armada by Ernest Cline


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