Tales From The Shadowhunters Academy | Review | Novellas from 1 to 5

Tales From The Shadowhunters Academy | Review | Novellas from 1 to 5

Tales From The Shadowhunters Academy | Review | Novellas from 1 to 5

Goodmorning everyone,

even this year is almost over and to finish it in beauty I decided to review the first 5 novellas of Tales from the Shadowhunters Academy, readings that I resumed, with the intention of completing them, recently, as you can see from the sidebar gadget of “Attualmente leggendo.”

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Le Cronache dell’Accademia Shadowhunters |Recensione| Novelle da 1 a 5

Le Cronache dell’Accademia Shadowhunters |Recensione| Novelle da 1 a 5

Le Cronache dell'Accademia Shadowhunters |Recensione| Novelle da 1 a 5

Buon giorno a tutti,

ormai anche quest’anno è agli sgoccioli e per finirlo in bellezza ho deciso di fare la recensione delle prime 5 novelle delle Cronache dell’Accademia Shadowhunters, letture che ho ripreso, con l’intento di completarle, da poco, come potrete ben notare dal gadget della sidebar di “Attualmente leggendo.” Continua a leggere

Blog Tour – Sparked by Helena Echlin & Malena Watrous + Giveaway

Blog Tour - Sparked by Helena Echlin & Malena Watrous + Giveaway

Hello everyone,

Today I leave you my review for Sparked Blog Tour, set up by Chapter by Chapter.

This book is stunning. In two words I can say it was extremely marvelous.

It’s not the kind of books that lately I’m reading, full of action, adventure, many times blood and love. This one talks about this fifteen-year-old girl that wakes up and see that her older sister is missing. She keeps dreaming Ivy, capt prisoner by someone, but nobody believe her dream, telling her it’s just stress.

Laurel fortunately find an ally, Jasper Blake, a new guy who shares her love for books, and together they find out the secret of a Dark prophecy.

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Riverdale – Serie TV #7

Riverdale - Serie TV #7
Buongiorno a tutti,

Il mio consiglio per voi per il mese di Ottobre è Riverdale.


Nell’apparentemente tranquilla cittadina di Riverdale è tempo per i ragazzi di iniziare un nuovo anno scolastico, dopo una triste estate in cui uno di loro, Jason Blossom, è rimasto ucciso in un presunto incidente in barca. Archie Andrews, tormentato giovane studente chiamato a scegliere se seguire la sua passione per la musica, fiorita proprio durante l’ultima estate, o seguire i desideri del padre, che Continua a leggere

The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid

the diabolic

Good morning everyone,

September began and brings with it the beginning of the new school year, university exams for many, and almost to its end, the much-anticipated (at least for me) season, autumn.

The review today is on The Diabolic of S.J. Kincaid, read for the italian publisher.

It is a book completely set in space, on planets and on ships, where mechanics no longer exists.

The diabolics are creatures that are created specifically to protect the person who they are bought for, with their  own life if necessary. Our protagonist, Nemesis, is one of them and her job is to protect Sidonia, the daughter of a senator.

But one day the Governor decides that it is time to kill all the diabolic because they are considered dangerous. Sidonia is too tied to Nemesis, so with the help of her father she saves her, killing one of the servants in her place.

Everything changes when Sidonia is summoned to the Chrysanthemum, the place where the governor and his family live. Unknowingly, her mother calls a label teacher to send the diabolic in place of her daughter. And so it happens.

Nemesis must watch her back because many want her dead, until she finds an ally that helps her in everything. But the governor called all those guys there for a reason.

Without saying anything to anyone he kills their family members, naming the kids, legitimate parents’ successors, new senators and viceroys.

They are all upset about what happened and Nemesis knows that she missed her mission, to protect at the expense of her own life Sidonia. But she finds a reason to live when she patters a deal with Tyrus Domitrian, the nephew of the governor, his mad heir, or at least he has made everyone believe it in his whole life to make sure he is not killed.

Henceforth they follow attacks, promises of marriage, finds, new alliances, and much more, ending up in an unexpectedly way.

The story was new, beautiful. I had never read such a book, set entirely in space, full of intrigue and betrayal. I loved the thread of history, but …

I didn’t like one thing in the narrative:
the scenes were too short. I like small chapters, but these scenes were perhaps a little too hasty. Many times they ended too soon, when the reader would have expected more. Sometimes, however, they drifted too much on irrelevant thoughts, I would have preferred it to be better structured, but in return I adored the plot of history.

the diabolic

To the next article with the TV shows suggestion,


the diabolic


Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow – TV Shows #5

Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.


Happy week to everybody.

You might not remember, but three months ago I published an article on the Defenders, Marvel’s Superheroes, and for this month I said, why not talk about the most loved DC’s Superheroes?

Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

And here I am with my four favorite TV shows: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl e Legends of Tomorrow.


The Superheroes are becoming more and more fashionable and who don’t like a good hero fighting the bad guys to protect their city?

They are icons in which each of us can imitate. Characters that help us get away from reality and enter into a perfect world where there are no injustices.

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