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netflix book tag | eng

Hi there, guys.

It’s been really a long time since the last book tag I did (this is also the first I do in English), and considering how much I enjoy doing them, I bring a new one on the blog, seen on Clarissa’s blog, Questione di Libri.
Netflix is ​​a fantastic web site that offers an exorbitant variety of new and old movies and TV series. So I do the NETFLIX Book Tag | ENG.

netflix book tag | eng
1) Recently Watched: the book you just finished reading.
The book I just finished reading (3 days ago) is “The Iron King” of the fantastic Julie Kagawa, a lover of dragons, as you can easily understand from her instagram profile. Telling in a few words, the book talk of a girl, Meghan, who finds out to belong to the fairies world and goes to Nevernever to find her brother abducted by the Iron King. Action and adventure certainly not miss in this book, first of a trilogy.
netflix book tag | eng
2) Top Picks: A book that has been recommended to you according to your literary tastes.
I’m recommended just a few books according to my literary tastes:) but one I appreciated, which was advised by a friend of mine, was “13 reasons why” known through the Netflix TV series – to stay in the theme. You can find the review of both the novel and the TV series at the link attached to the words, though they are in Italian. 🙁
netflix book tag | eng
3) Recently added: your latest bookshop purchase.
As you’ve seen if you’ve read my last Book Haul, my latest purchase was Cassandra Clare’s “Lord of Shadows” in two versions – I was excited I know, but last year, with “Lady Midnight” I bought three versions so … :p – and “This is not America” ​​by Alan Friedman.
netflix book tag | eng
4) Popular on Netflix: two books that everyone knows. One you read, one you did not read.
The book I read is “Wolf by Wolf” by Ryan Graudin, a beautiful book set during Hitler’s reign of which you can find the review (in italian). As for what I have not read but I bought it and want to read is “Caraval” by Stephanie Garber.
netflix book tag en
5) Comedies: a funny book.
A rather funny book I’ve read not a long time ago is “Deathdate” by Lance Rubin, translated in Italian by DeA. Even for this I got a review in italian, and I recommend it again, this time as summer reading.
netflix book tag en
6) Dramas: The King / Queen drama of a book you read.
For this category, I can’t do anything other than suggesting you, as did Clarissa, Jasmine Lovelace of “The Infernal Devices” by Cassandra Clare. I couldn’t think about anyone else, so I chose her, a real queen of drama, created fantastically by Cassie.
netflix book tag en
7) Animation: a book with cover animations.
“The Hawkweed Prophecy” by Irena Brignull, also published by the DeA, in Italy, with a cover full of coloured drawings and animations. A book suitable for all ages, where the main theme is love and friendship. As the previous ones, you can also find the review in italian.
netflix book tag en
8) Watch it again: a book or series that you want to re-read.
One of my favorite series, which you can find on the “Top 10” page, second in the list, is the “Throne of Glass Series”, composed of 6, soon of 7 books set in a world created by the creative pen of Sarah J. Maas, author of totally badasses characters, for which you would never want to look away from the pages. I’ve always wanted to re-read the books, and I think I’ll do it a few months before the release of the last book in 2018.
netflix book tag en
9) Documentaries: A non-fiction book you would recommend to anyone.
A book I would recommend to everyone, although I still have not read it all is “This is not America” ​​by Alan Friedman. It is a book that speaks of actuality, very interesting and intelligent. Alan Friedman has always been busy with politics, and for the first time has decided to write a book about the country where he was born, the United States of America.
netflix book tag en
10) Action and adventure: a book full of adventure.
For this category I propose “Gregor”. A saga composed of 5 books, written by the same author of Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins. This series is more like a middle-grade and is totally different from Hunger Games. It talks about Gregor discovering a new world under the ground, and for every book he reaches this world through portals, who drag him every time into a different adventure.
netflix book tag en
11) New releases: a book just released (or coming out soon!) That you can not wait to read.
To return to the books written by Sarah J. Maas, the on ethat i can’t wait to read is “Tower of Dawn”. Continuation of the Throne of Glass Series, with a story in itself. It does not follow the affairs of Celaena, but Chaol’s, who after being hurt went to this place to be cured. An electrifying book set in the same period as “Empire of Storms”.
I can’t say anything more if not recommending you all this books if you haven’t read them yet.
To the next article,
netflix book tag en

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